Questline Co-op

Our mission is to help each other realize our dream projects by creating our dream jobs.

The call

We are a community of individuals and groups with diverse interests, united to meet our common needs and aspirations. Questline Co-op is a registered worker's cooperative through the state of Washington. We are a resilient and reliable community of individuals with a wide range of effective skills.

What do we do?

Members have access to a Kanboard for Task Management, Discord for communication, a Google Drive for assets, and a network of members with various skillsets and community support.Tasks are represented visually on a project board (Kanban), allowing co-op members to see the state of every task at any time.


Rochdale Principles
The Rochdale Principles are a set of seven cooperative principles that were established by the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers in 1844. They serve as a foundation for modern cooperatives worldwide, and are applied at Questline Co-op.
Sociocracy was developed to produce an environment of harmony and self-directed achievement within business. It promotes self-regulation in an organization with consent decision making. Sociocratic Consent Decision Making is employed during every General Assembly at Questline Co-op.

Membership requirements

Membership is currently free of cost.Members are expected to commit to Artful Participation - doing your best to act and interact in ways that enable effective collaboration.Artful Participation┬╣ is an individual commitment to:

  • Actively consider and follow-up on all agreements made, in the best way possible, given the circumstances

  • Develop awareness and understanding of individual and collective needs

  • Grow the necessary skills

  • Support others to participate artfully

  • Bring impediments and improvement suggestions to the attention of others if necessary

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Current quests

The Swordfern Project
Ten acres of undeveloped, densely forested land dedicated to scientific research and cohabitation with wildlife.
Ice Church
A community event oriented toward teaching breathwork and cold exposure. Led by one of the earliest American students of Wim Hof, who has since moved on from WHM. Takes place in Boulder/Denver, Colorado every week.

Questline Co-op is a registered cooperative in the state of Washington.┬╣Artful Participation by Bernhard Bockelbrink, James Priest and Liliana David is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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